Hints are ordered from early in the game to later in the game.  Later, they are also broken up by map section.  You should only consult this page if you've been stuck for a little while.


* Your first goal in the game should be to get a sword.  From the bedroom, you'll notice one hall goes to a big door, and two smaller hallways go to smaller doors.  Either small door will work.  The one on the left will take you to a series of rooms and involves you needing to dodge enemies.  Slowly, but surely, you'll make your way downward until you find a small room that contains your first weapon.  OR, you can take the small door on the right, which leads you into a very tall room.  You come into this tall room at the very top, so you must be careful how you descend.  To arrive at the bottom floor without dying you need to run straight into the room to the far wall.  You'll encounter one small drop when you do so.  From there, go left for another small drop, then go right, for another small drop, and so on.  Eventually, you'll arrive at the bottom floor.  From there, there is only one way to go and it leads you into the room with the sword.

* Once you have a sword an attack button will appear on screen that allows you to use it.  Pressing the attack button isn't just useful for killing stuff though.  You can break certain things, it stops your forward movement, when falling it briefly breaks your fall.  If falling from a large height attacking repeatedly can allow you to survive the fall.

* When attacking an enemy with your sword, don't plan on just standing in one place!  Many enemies will run right into you, or throw things at you.  Some enemies are best defeated by attacking then running toward them, and some will require an attack-retreat-attack strategy.

GREGOR - the beginning

* I have my sword, there is no where to go, and there are some doors that don't open.

  You need to find the first key.  Using your sword, try breaking certain walls that look suspicious.
MARN - lots of white walls

* I survived a long drop down, but can't find any way to get back where I was.

  First, make sure you collect the high jump stone found nearby.  In the room beyond that, slowly
  make your way up the platforms scattered about.  Toward the top is a door that takes you to a
  seemingly dead-end.  Once again, you need your sword to break through.
* I found a mantua, what do I do with it?

  Check the inventory, and you'll see it's described as clothing.  You need to find an example of
  clothing elsewhere, and then select it from the inventory screen.
BAEL - lots of wood

* Bael is next to impossible to kill.

  He's actually very easy, with the right equipment and stones.  If any boss fight seems to hard, don't
  feel bad about restarting the app, then selecting continue.  None of your progress is lost and you'll
  restart at the bedroom.  After finding better stuff, try the boss fight again.

DORNE - like a gray tomb

* I found a diary, but have no idea what to do with it.

  Basically, a diary is a book and it wants to live with some other books.

* Found the room that appears to go to the top of Terole, but can't jump up to the above platforms.

  You need a special stone to do it.  Getting up the tall room should be easy with the right stone.  If it
  isn't, you're doing it wrong.
* Dorne just won't die.

  She can only be damaged when she is flying about the room.  When she's busy teleporting to various
  spots on the floor, you need to run over certain "things" to get her back to flight mode.
MOUNT - the top of the world

* Any benefit to getting all the achievements?