Latyia can be controlled using one of two different controllers: destination or gestures.


This is the default controller.  You simply tap where you want Latyia to go.  Latyia will run/walk toward the place you tap.  She will continue to move until you tell her to stop.  To stop, you can press the halt button at the bottom right of the screen (it's a button with an X on it) or any attack button.


Simple hand gestures are used to control Latyia.

* Swipe up: If Latyia is currently standing still, she will begin to move in the direction she is facing.  If she is already moving, she will jump.

* Swipe down: If Latyia is moving, she will stop.  If she is already stopped, she will begin to move in the opposite direction she is facing.

* Swipe left or right: Latyia will change her current direction.  She rotates in the direction indicated.

* Tap anywhere on screen (not a button): Latyia will execute her basic attack if she has an equipped weapon.


The following buttons work irregardless of what controller you have chosen:

* Halt: Latyia stops moving.

* Jump: Latyia will jump.

* Attack: Execute basic attack.

* Pause: Pause the game and enter the main menu.

* Run/Walk: Toggle between running and walking.