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TensorG is a 3D Real Time Strategy (RTS) game in which you command and manage units of soldiers and cities.  You must carefully manage your gold as you upgrade cities and commission units.  

TensorG features a powerful random map generator which provides for near-infinite replayability.  The map must be explored to be seen, or you can opt to have the whole map visible from the start.

Soldiers feature various unique abilities, such as the seeker's ability to open a portal taking his unit, and all nearby units, to any destination you choose.  An excellent tactic to surprise your opponents, or escape them.

Quests are granted from Oracles in temples.  Completing quests grants rewards, such as gold and experience for units.

Visit the TensorG support web site for more info.

Monkeys Vs. Bunnies

Monkeys!  Bunnies!  What more do you really need to know?

Alright fine, you must need to know more since you're still reading.  Monkey and Bunny blocks fall from above.  You launch blocks at them.  You must create tight groups of at least three in order to collect them.  Collect enough monkeys and bunnies before the timer expires to clear the level.