Dorne Boss Fight
Dire Soul is a 3D action adventure in which you must help Latyia find her way through the treachery that is Terole.  The adventure begins when Latyia goes to bed one day, and awakens the next in a strange place.  She is lost and scared.  

You must find powerful weapons and armors to defeat ever increasingly difficult foes.  Precious gems can be used to purchase magic and new fight techniques.  Special stones scattered throughout Terole add new abilities that are sometimes needed to explore new areas.

Simple puzzles must be solved to find some of the best items, and to defeat some of the more difficult inhabitants of Terole.

A powerful in-game map will help track your progress through Terole.  From the pause menu you can also customize how you control Latyia.  Progress is auto-saved, and up to three games can be saved at once.  


Dire Soul is available in the iTunes App store.  It will run on the iPhone or iPod Touch.